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Assembling of different products into shipments.


Packagings like barrels, jugs, bins etc.


Lacing of packages or commodities on palettes


Packagings like barrels, jugs, bins etc.

bonded warehouse

Bonded warehouses are warehouses in Swiss Customs territory, in which their operator stores good from abroad. Those goods are in transit from the border to the bonded warehouse and have not been taxed.


We do the bonding, folding, diverting and envelopping of print office products for you.

bulk materials

Loose products, f. e. granulate, grains etc.


Bundling of products.

carry together

Carry different products and amounts together as shipment sizes

chaotic storage

Disordered storage, individual placed after stock receipt and not sorted by products

chep pallets

In-house palettes without tradeoff.

Commission packing (co-packing) is a process, whereby a company outsources packaging, labelling or filling of their products to another company, called co-packer

commodity output

Place of identification for stock-receipt and commodity output.


Composing of bills


Passing on products automatically


Handling of customs papers ( also online ) for import as well as export

custom storage

Establishment of an open customs stockhouse in our domicile

Storage of dagerous goods

Share-out of your goods to your customers

Shipping document. Can be signed in our or your name


Splitting up of products in single parts or different amounts.

distribution logistics

Dispersion / segmentation of goods in consignees

EU customer clearance

EU - import payment of duty in Weil a. Rhein for all Europe


Standardized wooden palette as tool for the transportation of goods and storage. Ideally swapped between deliveries .

Checking of storaged goods for expiration dates

fill up

Filling in of liquid or solid materials into different bundles

flow chart

Sequence organization chart which documents the different processes of goods and paper movements.


We do the bonding, folding, diverting and envelopping of print office products for you.


Shrinking of goods in plastic foil through warming of the foil

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